Minimum Goal
The minimum goal is the minimum amount the company needs to raise in order for it to be considered a successful raise. Once this minimum is reached, they now have the minimum amount to move forward with their objective: to get the company up and running (or whatever it is they are raising for e.g. grow, expand, develop, etc.)

By the way, if the minimum is reached you can still invest! 

What happens if the company doesn’t reach its minimum investment goals? 

If the startup doesn’t reach the minimum funding goal before the investment campaign ends, their campaign is considered unsuccessful, and all investments are refunded to investors.

Maximum Goal
Maximum raise goal is the maximum amount a company can legally raise, unless they plan on expanding their round up to the maximum allowed by the SEC. If the maximum goal is reached, you may not be able to get in on the offering unless they open it up for more investors.  This maximum raise allowed by the Securites & Exchange Commission (SEC) is adjusted for inflation and you can check out more information about it here.

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