Newchip makes it easy to invest in startups, pre-IPO companies, and real estate. We consolidate investment listings from platforms around the web into a single, easy to use marketplace, to make it simple to start building a portfolio starting as low as $100 per investment.

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What can I do with Newchip?

As a new or experienced investor you can:

  • Search the industry: Advanced search and filters allow you to search investments from 50+ platforms to find the one that is right for you.
  • One-click register: Register on partner platforms with one-click registration for a seamless experience and syncing to your portfolio.
  • Become educated: Discover educational content, courses, and stay up to date on news from across the industry.
  • Utilize our tools: Use our calculators, tools, and reports to help you with your investment due diligence and calculate potential ROI.
  • Manage your portfolio: Manage your investments across the web from a single, easy to use platform.
  • Track investments: Track updates, news, and company mentions from the day they launch until they IPO.

Best of all? Newchip is entirely free of charge to investors. You already have enough subscriptions in your life so we charge fees to the companies and platforms we work with to make your experience better.

Who uses Newchip?

  • Retail investors who want to start diversifying into alternative investments and invest alongside experienced angels + VC's
  • Angel investors looking for new deal sourcing, competitor research, and ways to affordably diversify their portfolios
  • Venture Capitalist who want to invest in crowd backed companies¬†
  • Accelerators that want to find market validated companies with real traction and users

What sets Newchip apart?

Newchip brings everything you need to learn, start investing, manage your portfolio, into an integrated platform that is easy for everyone to use.

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