Who can invest?
The new rules allow anyone over the age of 18 to now invest in what are called Online Public Offerings (OPO). An OPO is like an IPO but smaller and not listed on a major exchange yet.

There are two types of OPO deals, Small OPO deals under what is called Regulation CF (up to $1 million) and Large OPO deals under Regulation A+ (up to $50 million). 

While anyone can now invest, there are investment limits based on your annual income between 5-10% for non-accredited investors. 

Are there some deals I can't invest in?
Some deals are still only available to accredited investors and many deals are still limited to only U.S. investors. 

Large OPO deals depend on company preferences and can be opened up to international investors. 

Check specific deal information to determine your eligibility.

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