The investment process is different for everyone, depending on their personal investing profile, but it can generally be described as follows:

  1. You create an account at Newchip.
  2. Answer the questions about income and net worth.
  3. You identify a potential investment opportunity and click through to the respective portal (by clicking 'Learn More') to review the offering, accompanying documents, and if you are comfortable with the investment terms, you can follow the portal’s checkout process to complete the transaction (by clicking 'Invest' or 'Invest Now.') 
  4. Once you confirm your investment on the portal platform, the funds will be transferred to an escrow account for holding until the fundraising is closed.
  5. Once the fundraising round closes, you will receive confirmation of success and acceptance of your subscription. In the case of an unsuccessful round or a canceled investment by yourself, the proposed transaction will be canceled and the escrow agent will return the funds from the escrow back into your bank account.
  6. Once you’ve invested, return to Newchip and add your new investment, track and manage your portfolio. (We’re in the process of automating this feature!)

NOTE: You will receive a confirmation email from the funding portal that facilitated the investment which will have all the necessary details of your security + where you can go to access those documents. 

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