It doesn't happen often but it is a possibility. Just like you, founders have the same cancellation rights and, just like you, they don't need to have a reason to do so. One real world example would be if they find out you work for one of their competitors-- would they want you having a stake at their company? No 😐.

If your investment is rolled back or cancelled, you can receive a refund if your funds are still in escrow. 💡

What is escrow?
Funding platforms use escrow services to mitigate the risk for investors and companies engaging in crowdfunding. Companies raising money usually need a minimum amount of capital in order to achieve their business goals, or close the funding round. Holding investment funds in an escrow account means no investor capital will be spent by the company before the predefined funding goal amount is met. If the goal amount is not met, funds are returned to the investors.

📑 So, after the fundraising round has officially closed, your investment cannot be cancelled and your funds will not be refunded.

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