At Newchip, we aspire to be a good partner to our users, and with that comes ample and steady communication on the deals you have liked in our marketplace!

However, we know that sometimes emails get 'spammy' and notifications on certain deals are no longer wanted 🤗

There are three ways you can disable or turn-off notifications on Newchip deals:

  1. Through email: you can do so by clicking on the "If you'd like to stop notifications for *deal name*, click here". This should auto-log you in to your account with us and automatically un-click and turn off notifications on that specific deal (💡FYI- only that deal, not any others).
  2. Through web/app: our Deal Tracker is the 🏠 of all deals you've liked, skipped, or disliked. This is also the place where you can manage (and thus disable) all of your deal notifications. To do so, you have two options:
  • You can go through all of the deals your Deal Tracker shows and un-click the checks ✅
  • You can delete the deal altogether to stop tracking its movement ❎

3. Through web/app: the Deal Card 🔖 has an option for notifications. You can turn-off notifications by de-selecting the 'notifications' option.

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